4 декабря 2015 г.

Humster3D Challenge 2015 results

Yesterday Humster3D administration published a jury ratings.
As I expected, by the final image quality, I did not pretend for TOP 3 or TOP 5.
But Jeep takes a "Team Choice" mark and got place in top18 among of the marked works.
Anyway it is a great result for my first completed automotive high level work.
Previous auto projects, such as IPB Lambo in 2008 or MonsterMania in 2013, were with much lower quality and could not be compared at all.

1 декабря 2015 г.

Jeep Wrangler

Well well, it's seems that a huge pause appeared here since last post.
Ok, I'll explain. Actually summer was pretty hard, very sad and some times even tragic. So my art works gain some freezing. But! In september, a famous web site and online store Humster 3D announced a new wave of their CG challenge with a theme - automotive visualization. Despite that I am not an auto specialist in CG, my decision was to claim myself there. And in the next minute second problem appeared - wich car to do? LandCruiser already get in moss web and dust same time. After looking closer on it, I realize that to take LC will not to be so fairly and the quality level isnt good for now, for me and for challenge. To be honest, I really dont know what is the future of this old project, but for the Humster I took my lovely car - Jeep Wrangler. After some exploring I found which model I prefer to do - Rubicon 10th Anniversary. It have very nice front bumber and beautiful, for the off road car, rims. So here is the result of my work since september till second half of november.

All pictures of this project are available here:

31 июля 2015 г.


From latest macro-project about oil jerrycan. Just a simple viz, nothing special or a future tasks.
Because I have no proper high quality label, I cut it from a photo, so some artifacts are present :(

15 июня 2015 г.

V8 Engine rig

This hard spring already in past. So lets begin to collect the results! While there is time to take a breath :)

The first will be researching project of full rigged engine, in V8@32 formation. The main goal was to animate some processes inside engine while working.
Considering that engine rpm is extremely variable, animation by keys isn't good idea.
And here is the result of some researching of rig and script animation. I collected some project's shots and mixed it with viewport previews to run them as a short video to demonstrate features.

Program list is short and covers just 3ds max for animation and Eyeone (blackbox) Fusion for compouse project's shots. Video was produced in Sony Vegas.
The model was made by freelancer Denis Korystin also in 3ds.

Hope enjoy to somebody:)

21 апреля 2015 г.

Speeding up

It`s very nice to do something well. But do this in twice speed then others - it is called be a perfect!
So, here is one of cool things to manage your work scene and speed up the process.
Hide/unhide by category panel is well known in "display" deck of the 3ds max window, but what about the hot keys of it?
Сombining [shift] key with the next buttons you will get an hide/unhide effect: [G] - geometry, [S] - shapes, [C] - cameras, [L] - lights, [H] - helpers, [P] - particle systems.

Be smart, be fast, be perfect!

3 апреля 2015 г.

TV. The first one.

Debut on TV. Also absolutely the first character animation work.

Around three weeks for writing scenario and agreement with the client, learning a character animation basics, catch a style of the movie and to produce.

None of ducks wasn't harmed!

9 февраля 2015 г.

A plan for the awakening scene.

Now the project is entering into very important stage.
It is clear that there is no reason either possibility to work with full environment with detalisation level required for close up parts. So the main question now is how to divide perspective view into few logical parts. How many parts do i need, how fast the detalisation will be lowering in each part after nearest. And more, the main goal is to avoid visibility those parts in final work and how to merge this with several cameras in scene.

So, ... research, research, research. Check it and research again.
Spring is coming, hurry up!

6 февраля 2015 г.


One of the longest projects.
Debut in complex compositing, setting up a camera and adding of FX.
It will be the starting point to the future high quality animation works.

3ds Max, VRay, FumeFX, RealFlow, Krakatoa, Fusion.

18 января 2015 г.

PC upgrade and we go!

Have replaced one dead memory chip with new one and add a SSD drive for system and dump also.
So, 32gb ram and 30gb ssd speed memory allows to render ground with car and body dirt.
It seems they should be optimized in the next step :)