15 июня 2015 г.

V8 Engine rig

This hard spring already in past. So lets begin to collect the results! While there is time to take a breath :)

The first will be researching project of full rigged engine, in V8@32 formation. The main goal was to animate some processes inside engine while working.
Considering that engine rpm is extremely variable, animation by keys isn't good idea.
And here is the result of some researching of rig and script animation. I collected some project's shots and mixed it with viewport previews to run them as a short video to demonstrate features.

Program list is short and covers just 3ds max for animation and Eyeone (blackbox) Fusion for compouse project's shots. Video was produced in Sony Vegas.
The model was made by freelancer Denis Korystin also in 3ds.

Hope enjoy to somebody:)

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